4 Garage Storage Solutions

garage storage

Organizing your garage becomes easier when you implement a few fast and easy garage storage solutions. Clearing the clutter from frequently used paths and setting up storage areas on walls are just some of the ways you can increase your garage’s storage space. Check out these five storage ideas that’ll help you get your garage organized in no time.

Garage Storage Tips

Your garage’s storage system is important for keeping frequently used items and longer-term storage bins and gear easily accessible. By installing vertical storage towers, folding workbenches, and shelving, you’ll create an effortless and functional design that eliminates clutter while maintaining a clean, organized look. Unique additions such as overhead racks and pegboards also serve vital storage functions that will enable you to use every inch of available garage space.

Vertical Storage Towers

Vertical storage towers are excellent garage storage solutions that give you fast and easy access to bins no matter if they are located on the bottom or middle of the stack. These handy storage units contain separate compartments that include one shelf per box, which relieves you of the hassle of having to move multiple boxes to reach just one. They’re also great space savers that help you get clutter off of your garage floor, and they can be spaced so that the sides of each tower can hold hanging items such as hoses, shovels, rakes, and tools.

Add Shelving for Garage Storage

Maximizing the vertical space on your garage wall by adding various types of shelving, clears floor space and gives it a clean, organized appearance. Set up traditional open shelves for frequently used items, in addition to a couple of wall cabinets for out-of-sight storage. Wire racks are another storage solution that can be installed to hold items like baseball bats, tennis rackets, and basketballs.

Get a Folding Workbench

A folding workbench is a great option for any sized garage. These benches not only free up frequently used pathways but also require you to clean up after each project to keep your work area organized. Additionally, multiple folding workbenches can be set up in several areas of your garage for different projects, allowing you to create useful zones for your work tools and materials according to each workbench’s specific purpose.

Create Overhead Storage

Overhead storage can easily be constructed to store light and medium weight items within lidded storage bins. However, if you have heavier items, then a wire overhead storage rack is the best option. These units can hold a significant amount of weight. Oddly-shaped items such as bikes, strollers, and lawn equipment can be hung from the rack.

Install Pegboards

Installation of pegboards can be done on one or several walls in your garage to organize small and large tools, gardening and sports equipment, and cleaning supplies. Make sure to get sturdy pegboards that’ll support heavier items from strong hooks if you plan on hanging items such as fertilizer spreaders or bulkier tools.

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