5 Tips to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

indoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality Matters

Every day you spend several hours breathing the air in your home, so it is important that it’s clean air. The best way to cut down on indoor air pollution is to get right to the source—and eradicate it. Some of the basic ways to improve indoor air quality are obvious, like cleaning your home and ventilating properly, but here we’ve laid out some more methods to improve the quality of the air you’re breathing in your home.

1. Take Care of Your Filters

Replace or clean all of your filters on a regular basis, especially the ones in your furnace or heater, air conditioner, and—if you have one—your air purifier. Don’t forget to change out the filter in your vacuum, too!

2. Keep your Fabrics Clean

When we’re thinking about indoor air quality, we don’t always remember all the other items that contain contaminants. Fabric is a common culprit for harboring dust mites and other allergens. Wash drapes, towels, and bedding often in hot water, and remember to clean shower curtains made of fabric as well. And while we know you’ll be washing your dirty clothes, throw new clothes in the washing machine before you wear them for the first time to get rid of any chemicals still clinging to the fabric from the manufacturing process.

3. Monitor Moisture Levels

Maintain the level of moisture in your home, since humid air is a breeding ground for mildew and mold. If you can keep humidity levels below 50%, you’re doing well–consider buying a dehumidifier to help with the job. Bathrooms are particularly important since you’re constantly running water in what’s often a small space, so open windows and take other steps to make sure the area is properly ventilated. A home inspection can also pinpoint signs of excess moisture and its source.

4. No Smoking Indoors

Don’t smoke cigarettes inside—and don’t let anyone else smoke indoors, either. Refrain from burning any pressure-treated wood or pine in your fireplace, and have your chimney cleaned and inspected on a regular basis.

5. Avoid Artificial Fragrances

Avoid using artificial air fresheners in your home since these contain harmful chemicals. Natural alternatives are increasingly available; choose a diffuser or a vaporizer that uses pure essential oils to release a pleasant, chemical-free fragrance into the air. Only purchase unscented candles to eliminate more irritating pollutants.

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