5 Ways to Reduce Heating Costs

reduce heating costs

Lowering Your Heating Costs

‏Heating your home this winter doesn’t have to be a financial burden. Many households spend as much as 40% of winter utility costs to keep the living spaces comfortable, but it’s important for your family to be warm. Here are a few easy ways to reduce the heating costs for your home.‏

‏Find Drafts and Leaks‏

‏Keeping warm air inside your house will reduce heating costs. If cold drafts are being blown through cracks and gaps, it means the heater has to work harder to keep the living spaces warm. ‏Any air leaks should be sealed up before winter. Apply adhesive weather-stripping or silicone caulk around windows and doors to boost energy efficiency.

Reduce Heating Costs by ‏Changing Energy Providers‏

‏If you live in a state that allows for a more open utility market, it is smart to compare rates. Learn about what options you have and switch companies if you can save money. Check the prices every year to see if rates have changed.

‏Use the Sun to Reduce Heating Costs‏

‏If you have solar panels you will reduce your heating costs by using energy from them. There may be less sunlight during the winter but still has an effect on your energy bills.‏

‏The sun can also heat your living spaces if you open the curtains during the day. This is a no-cost way to increase the interior temperature of your home.‏

‏Get Your Boiler Serviced‏

‏Maintenance is key to saving money and lowering your heating costs. A boiler that hasn’t been serviced in a long time may not be running as efficiently as it could. This will lead to an increase in your bills.‏

‏Hire a technician to inspect the heating system and make necessary repairs. Not only can this save money, but regular maintenance will extend the life of the system’s components.

‏Cozy Winter Outfits‏

‏If you need to lower your bills this winter, it might be worth investing in warmer clothing. Make sure your family members have the basics, like warm sweaters and hats. Wool clothing and socks are especially good at helping to regulate body temperatures.

As the weather cools, add warmer blankets and duvets to the beds so everyone will be warm when they sleep.‏

‏Don’t let your power bill keep you from enjoying the season. Winters can seem long, but a well-heated home makes a difference in your happiness and comfort. Put these tips into practice to keep your heating costs from getting out of control this season.

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