5 Home Improvement Projects That Add Property Value

add property value

If you are preparing to sell your home, it’s a good time to make some updates that appeal to buyers. Here are 5 home improvement projects that add property value.

Replace Windows to Add Property Value

One upgrade to your home that improves its appearance and its energy efficiency is replacing old windows. New windows often have 2 or 3 panes, and some options even have argon gas in between the panes for better insulation.

While replacing all the windows in your home is a large investment, the money you will save on heating and cooling will add up over time. It also adds value to your home; you’ll recoup about 77% of what you spent.


Tending to the property that your home sits on raises its value. Professional landscaping really pays off if you are selling your home. Experts agree that the right landscaping can provide a 200-400% ROI. A manicured lawn, healthy gardens, and well-defined pathways make the property more attractive and appealing.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

You’re likely to get a higher ROI from a minor kitchen remodel than a major one. A major kitchen remodel costs tens of thousands of dollars which you are unlikely to fully recoup. However, making minor changes to the kitchen will also make an impact. Replacing countertops, adding an island, and revamping the cabinets and hardware will update the kitchen, and you’ll spend far less money than a complete overhaul.

Upgrade the Front Door to Add Property Value

Making changes to the front door is an easy DIY project that offers a hefty ROI of 80% or more. If your front door is wood, replace it with an insulated secure steel door. Perhaps the door itself is already sturdy but it needs a paint job. The front door is one of the first things that people see, so make sure it’s in great shape for a good first impression.

New Garage Door

Garage doors take up a big portion of the front of the home. There are plenty of attractive garage door styles, so if yours is an eyesore, consider replacing it. You can almost fully recoup the cost, with an average ROI of 99%.

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