4 Ways to Improve Fall Curb Appeal

fall curb appeal

Each season presents a great opportunity to revisit your curb appeal efforts. Fall brings colder weather, falling leaves, and earlier nightfall. Here are 4 ways to boost your home’s fall curb appeal.

Fall Curb Appeal and Your Front Door

The front door welcomes people to your home. You don’t need to completely replace it to improve curb appeal. However, upgrading to an insulated steel door will improve energy-efficiency.

Painting the door a bold new color is an easy job that makes a big impact. Yellows and reds make the home feel warm and welcoming. After painting the door, install a new door knocker and kickplate as the finishing touches.

Freshen Up Plants

As the season changes, flowers wilt and die. Pull out flowers and plants that are no longer thriving and replace them with plants that fare better in cooler weather. Flowers like pansies, asters, and mums provide colorful blooms throughout autumn.

Boosting fall curb appeal can be as simple as placing potted flowers on either side of your door or hanging from the front porch. Plant evergreen shrubs that will give your yard some life throughout the winter.

Lawncare for Fall Curb Appeal

One of the most labor-intensive chores for fall is consistently removing leaves from your yard. It’s important to rake leaves off your lawn so that the grass can get the sunlight it needs to stay healthy. Leaves make great composting material, so start a compost pile to dump them into.

Exterior Lighting

It starts getting dark earlier come autumn. Once daylight savings time hits, it may be dark outside before you come home from work for the day. Improve safety and fall curb appeal by adding more exterior lighting to your yard.

Solar stake lights are an inexpensive solution for illuminating pathways. Motion-sensor lights on the sides of the house boost home security. Install small solar lights to the front surface of steps to make them safer.

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