7 Tips and Tricks to Organize Your Home

organize your home by tackling one space at a time

Being organized helps your household run more smoothly. You’ll be able to easily find what you need when everything has a place. Trying to organize your home can feel overwhelming, but if you tackle this project one small area at a time, you’ll soon be clutter-free and enjoying organized living spaces.

Organize Your Home, One Space at a Time

To get started, decide how much time you can set aside for organizing. If your time is limited, start with a small area. Organize one kitchen drawer or the shelves in the laundry room. If you have more time, you can clean and organize an entire room. No matter what space you choose, focus on that area until it is done. You’ll have created a tidy space and making progress will inspire you to keep working throughout your home.

Clear the Area

Give yourself a blank slate to work with. After you’ve chosen a place to begin, remove everything from that space. When working on a single drawer, dump the contents into a large box or basket. If you’re organizing a closet, remove everything from the closet and place it on the bed or on the floor. Organizing becomes easier when you can clearly see the space you have to work with.

To Organize Your Home, Declutter

It’s easier to organize if you have fewer things to put away. After you removed everything from the area, sort belongings into piles. Immediately throw away any trash. Create a box for items that you will be donating. Take this part of the process seriously. Donate items that you haven’t used in 6 months. If you’re organizing a closet, get rid of clothing you haven’t worn in the past year.

Organize Your Home by Creating Categories

The next step in the process is to bundle all like things together. Put all your shoes in one pile. If you’re organizing the junk drawer, sort things by category: batteries, hardware, phone chargers, and office supplies. Craft supplies can be gathered into different groups as well. You might have adhesives, yarns, thread, stamps, decorative papers, and knitting needles. When you understand what you actually own, it’s easier to find ways to organize those items.

Choose Storage

Now that you’ve downsized and know what you’ll be keeping, it’s time to find ways to store items. Get creative with containers you have around the house. Shoeboxes can hold smaller items like phone chargers, seed packets, and bungee cords. Look for containers, baskets, and boxes to neatly store your belongings. If, after cleaning out the closet, you realize you own more shoes than expected, find a way to organize them. Shoe racks are available that hang on the back of the closet door.

Use Labels to Organize Your Home

You might print color-coordinated labels or just use masking tape and a marker. No matter how you choose to label, your family will know where things belong when storage containers are clearly marked.

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