7 Easy Ways to Boost Curb Appeal in Winter

boost curb appeal in winter

Don’t ignore the exterior of your home just because it’s snowing and cold outside. Maintaining an attractive front yard during winter can prove challenging, but it isn’t impossible. Whether you’re looking to attract potential buyers or make your home feel inviting to guests, here are a few simple ways to boost curb appeal in winter.

Clear the Snow to Boost Curb Appeal in Winter

Allowing snow and ice to accumulate is dangerous. It makes your front steps and walkways unsafe. Shovel the driveway and walkways and apply ice-melt to keep them clear.

Put Away Equipment

After shoveling snow, stow the equipment you’ve used in the basement or garage. Leaving items like shovels lying around makes your yard look unsightly and jeopardizes safety.

Add Cold Weather Plants

Your azaleas won’t thrive in winter, but there are evergreen plants that can withstand cold temperatures. Boost curb appeal in winter by adding evergreen plants near the front entryway. Your local garden center will have recommendations for the best greenery for the climate.

Boost Curb Appeal in Winter by Updating the Front Door

If the front door is boring and drab, spruce it up with new hardware. Install a doorknob, new locks, and an attractive kick plate. You might also hang a wreath on the door for a welcoming and attractive touch.

Inspect and Update Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting will not only boost safety around the property but will also make your home and landscaping more attractive. Check the lights to make sure they are working and replace any bulbs as needed. Install pathway lights to illuminate the front walk. Consider hanging an outdoor lamp near your entryway to create a warm glow and inviting appearance.

Replace Your House Numbers

Sometimes minor changes make a huge difference. Replacing your house number is a small update that takes less than an hour to complete. Choose a style that complements your home and can easily be seen from the street.

Add a Doormat to Boost Curb Appeal

Accessorize your entryway and welcome visitors with a durable doormat made out of strong material, like rubber. Choose a simple mat or layer two, placing a larger rug beneath a more functional doormat.

Curb appeal is essential to making your home inviting and attracting potential homebuyers. Use these simple tips to delight your visitors and boost curb appeal in winter.

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