5 Tips to Cool Your Home Without AC

cool your home without AC

Summer is here, and with it, longer days and higher temps. Many homeowners notice a significant increase in their utility bills during the warmer. It can feel like a struggle to stay cool without spending a fortune. If you don’t have air conditioning or would like to limit your usage, here are a few easy ways to cool your home without AC.

Use Window Film

Preventing heat from entering the home is half the battle when trying to cool your home without air conditioning. Window films are an excellent tool for blocking out sunlight. They increase privacy by shading your windows while allowing you to see outside the home. Depending on your budget, window films are available that reduce the heat entering through the windows by up to 98%.

Reverse the Ceiling Fans to Cool Your Home Without AC

Ceiling fans are crucial if you don’t have central AC. You may already have them installed in the bedrooms and kitchen. In the summer months, set the fans to rotate counter-clockwise. This movement pushes air down towards you, creating a wind-chill effect. Some homeowners reverse them in the winter to better circulate warm air and forget to switch them as the seasons change.

Cook Outdoors

When it’s scorching, cooking and doing laundry can heat your living spaces even more. To keep the inside of your house comfortable, cook outdoors. Use the grill and prepare burgers or grilled veggies. Otherwise, make sandwiches or cold salads for daytime meals. Try to put off doing laundry until the evening when the temperatures are lower. 

Install Window Blinds and Shades

The windows are one of the most significant areas where heat enters the home. Even windows that do not get direct sunlight allow heat transfer. Install blinds designed for energy efficiency to reduce the amount of radiant heat in your home. Blackout curtains are another efficient option to block sunlight from the windows.

Use the Bathroom and Kitchen Fans

Bathroom and kitchen fans move warm, damp air out of the house when you cook or shower. Turn on the fan and leave it running for 15 to 20 minutes after you’ve finished cooking or bathing.

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