5 Best Ways to Garden in a Small Space

garden in a small space

You still have options if you have limited outdoor space but want to grow a garden. From vertical gardening to succession planting, you can make the most out of the available area and maximize yields. Here are five ideas for growing a garden in a small space.

Growing a Garden in a Small Space: Go Vertical

If you have limited ground space, grow your plants upwards. The most significant advantage of vertical gardens is you can install them anywhere as long as there’s adequate sunlight. Walls, fences, hanging baskets, and trellises are perfect growing spaces you can use to plant a small garden.

Climbing plants like clematis, passionflower, and jasmine will brighten dull walls and fences. Consider installing a shelving unit on a wall or a fence to display potted plants or store garden accessories.

Raised Gardens

Raised beds are possibly one of the most popular ways of planting a garden in a small space. Raised gardens are great for people with little or no soil. Build the borders of the raised garden using wood, bricks, or pallets, and fill the area with your desired gardening soil and compost.

When planting crops in a raised bed, pay attention to the sun. Plant the tallest crops on the north and the shortest on the south side of the bed. Careful placement of the plants allows direct sunlight to reach all areas of your garden.

Growing a Garden in a Small Space with Containers

Planters are great if your outdoor space is too small to build a raised garden. Containers are affordable and available at your local garden center. A few pots won’t require much room, making them convenient for people working with limited outdoor space. Arrange the containers on your patio to add greenery to the area. Choose plants that have a long flowering season so they beautify your garden for months.

Succession Planting

Succession planting is where you stagger your plantings by several weeks instead of growing everything all at once. It is a good strategy for any garden, big or small, and is especially effective in a smaller space. Succession planting is best with short-season crops like beans, lettuce, radishes, and zucchini. For example, if you’re starting with zucchini seeds, plant some one week, others two weeks later, and more after that. Succession planting ensures steady production throughout the season.

Window Boxes

Window boxes are an attractive, space-saving way of growing your favorite flowers or herbs. Look for window boxes at your nearest gardening shop or order them online. For the best results, choose shallow-rooted plants for window boxes.

Gardening in small spaces can be challenging. But, with proper planning and creativity, anyone can enjoy a garden regardless of the available area. Use the above tips when planting a garden in a small space.

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