7 Rewarding Fall Home Improvement Projects

fall home improvement projects

Fall Home Improvement Projects That Pay Off

Fall is the perfect time of year for those home improvement projects that you may have been putting off while the summer weather was too hot. Now that it is getting cooler, you may be more inspired to complete some rewarding fall home improvement projects.

Some of these projects are simple enough to do yourself and others should be left to a professional.

1. Stain or Seal Your Wood Deck and Fence

Fall is a good time to refinish your exterior wood features so they can weather the winter and look great come spring. Staining and sealing wood prevents deterioration. While you are at it, take the opportunity to repair or replace any boards, railings, or slats that have rotted.

2. Wash the Windows

Clean windows allow more sunlight in during the winter months, which helps to heat your home. There are tools that allow you to clean windows using a common garden hose. You could also hire a window cleaning service to complete this work for you.

3. Inspect and Seal the Exterior

A fall home improvement project that has many benefits is sealing the exterior of the home. Seal any visible cracks in the foundation. Plug up any holes around plumbing pipes. Caulk gaps around windows and doors. Replace any deteriorated or missing roof shingles. These tasks will help with energy conservation and prevent moisture and pests from entering your home.

4. Cleaning the Gutters is an Important Fall Home Improvement Project

Gutters get blocked with fallen leaves, pine needles, and birds’ nests this time of year. Have the gutters cleaned so that rain and melting snow can flow freely through downspouts. Complete this fall home improvement project yourself or hire a professional if you don’t feel comfortable on a ladder.

5. Service Your HVAC System

Every fall, you should have your HVAC system serviced and cleaned. It’s a good idea to place protective covers over AC condensers and window units. While you are at it, this is a great time to have your ducts cleaned. All of these things can help your HVAC system to run more efficiently and will improve indoor air quality.

6. Tend to Your Greenery

Clear out weeds and leaves from your vegetable and flower gardens. Trim back overgrown hedges and bushes. Have dead branches removed from trees that could break from the weight of snow or ice.

7. Bonus Fall Home Improvement Project: Construct a Backyard Fire Pit

A fire pit will enhance your outdoor space and make your home more appealing. You will get a lot of use out of your fire pit during fall. You can buy fire pit kits or learn how to construct your own online.

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