Home Maintenance Chores That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

home maintenance chores

Home Maintenance Chores That Save You Money in the Long Run

Homeowners often have a list of home maintenance chores that need to be completed, and sometimes it’s hard to know which tasks are most important and which can be put off for later. These 5 home maintenance chores can prevent expensive problems from happening at your home. Complete them as soon as possible.

Kitchen and Bathroom Caulking

Caulking around sinks, showers, and tubs needs to be in good condition to keep water from seeping into cracks and crevices. Deteriorating and mildewed caulking doesn’t properly seal out water and can cause damage behind these features. Trapped moisture promotes mold growth, which can be costly to get rid of. Look at all the caulking in the kitchen and bathroom and re-caulk the areas that are darker or peeling off.

Seal Decks

Cleaning and resealing an outdoor deck is an easy home maintenance chore that will pay off when you do it regularly. Since the deck is always exposed to the elements, it’s important to complete this task twice a year. You’ll have to replace a deck that hasn’t been resealed sooner.

Wood-Destroying Insect Inspections

While there are many precautions you can take to prevent wood-destroying organisms like termites, one of the most important is to schedule regular pest inspections with a professional. Failure to do so can result in thousands of dollars of structural damage caused by an unknown pest infestation.

Home Maintenance Chores for the Foundation

Home maintenance chores for the foundation also helps with your efforts to prevent pests. Cracks and fissures in your foundation allow insects and water inside. Seal up foundation cracks when you notice them. Inspect the foundation regularly so that you can act quickly before a foundation problem becomes serious.

Sealing cracks in a foundation can be a DIY project for an experienced homeowner. Seal hairline cracks with a vinyl caulk and larger cracks with caulk made from silicone, latex, or polyurethane. Then seal the foundation walls with a waterproof masonry sealer.

Clean the Gutters

Gutter cleaning is no one’s favorite home maintenance chore, but it is necessary to prevent damage to the roof, siding, and foundation. Rainwater overflows from clogged gutters instead of being directed away from the home, and it can seep into the roof or down the siding, causing water damage. Neglected gutters won’t last as long or perform as well as well-maintained gutters.

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