Consider These 4 Features for Your New Home

features for your new home include under-cabinet lighting

Building a home for your family is an exciting project. You probably have a list of things you’d like to incorporate into your house. Apart from the finishes and fixtures in the home, you should also think about some of the unique options that make a house special. Here are four features for your new home you might consider.

Practical Features to Consider When Building a New Home

A Full Basement

Many homes are built with basements, but many of those spaces are an afterthought. Homeowners may think of it as an area for storage, but eventually, the family may want to convert it to finished space.

That won’t be as easy if the basement is not full height. Even when the joists are a full eight feet off the basement floor, there are often ducts and beams that lower the actual height of the space. Have your builder allow for eight feet of height in your basement. Of course, this decision will have to be made very early in the process. Your builder will need to account for the increased height before the first dirt is excavated from your site.

An Upstairs Laundry Room is One of the Best Features for Your New Home

Not many people enjoying hauling laundry up and down stairs. Even if you don’t mind the extra exercise, the constant movement of laundry from a first-floor or basement laundry room to the bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs is inconvenient.

Creating a laundry space on the same floor as the bedrooms reduces the hassle of washing clothes. Instead of everything coming down to the laundry and back up to the closet or drawer, clothes will move across the same level.

Lighting Under the Cabinets

Most counter space in kitchens is underneath the cabinets, making it harder to see as you are preparing meals. One of the features to consider when building a new home is under-cabinet lighting installed on the bottom of your cabinets. This is an efficient way to illuminate the workspace without having to add larger fixtures all over the room. The entire counter space will be easier to use.

A Heated Driveway is a Useful Feature for Your New Home

If your region experiences snow and ice in the winter, you will be glad to have this feature at your new home. A heated driveway has electrical coils installed inside the concrete. When ice occurs, turn on the system and it warms to melt the snow and ice away.

This not only eliminates shoveling snow, but it is also a great way to prevent injuries for your family and visitors during cold weather. Imagine holiday get-togethers when no one has to worry about slipping on the ice outside.

Building a new home is about making it yours. There are a lot of great features to personalize your new home, so investigate all of your options. With the right combination of features, you’ll have a home that is safe, comfortable, practical, and efficient for you and your family to enjoy.

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