Why You Should Have a Home Inspection on New Construction

Home Inspection on New Construction

You may think it’s unnecessary to order a home inspection on a newly constructed home. However, it’s a smart idea to get a home inspection on new construction. Your new home has many components and it’s important to know that the work was completed properly during construction. You can learn more about your investment with a home inspection.

The Code Inspection is Not Enough

One reason homebuyers skip a home inspection on new construction is they believe the building code inspection is sufficient. The purpose of a building code inspection is to check for minimum standards for safety. These standards don’t necessarily evaluate the quality of the workmanship. Building code inspectors often have large workloads and tight schedules. They don’t have the time, nor is it their job, to thoroughly inspect all of the components in your new home.

New Construction Does Not Mean Flawless Construction

The problems home inspectors find in new construction aren’t usually the same as those found in older homes, but a new home can have problems. A home inspection on new construction can reveal problems like faulty wiring, missing insulation, and incorrectly installed appliances and systems.

Home Inspections Protect Your Largest Asset

Your new home is an important purchase. Compared to the price of your home, the cost of a home inspection is inexpensive and worth it for the service that home inspectors provide.

Home inspections reveal defects and prevent unexpected surprises in your new home. If these problems are found before the final walk-through, it will be up to the builder to address them so you don’t have to.

When to Have a Home Inspection on New Construction

There are times when it makes sense to have your new construction inspected. The first is just before the drywall and insulation are put in. The purpose of this early home inspection is to look at framing and systems installed, which won’t be visible after the walls go up.

Another time to call for an inspection is after home construction is complete. You will want to have a home inspection prior to your final walk-through with the builder. This timing allows the home inspector to provide you with a list of issues you should have the builder address.

If you didn’t get a home inspection during these phases, it’s not too late to learn more about your property. You can still hire an inspector before the one-year home warranty ends and have the builder take care of any problems found.

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