Who to Notify When You Move

who to notify when you move

Remember Who to Notify When You Move With This List

If you are moving to a new home, you likely have a lot on your plate. Packing your belongings, coordinating with the moving company, and setting up your new home take a lot of time and effort. You may have so much on your mind that you’ve forgotten who to notify when you move. We’ve created a list to make it easier for you.

1. Notify the Post Office First

The post office is on the top of the list of who to notify when you move because they will forward mail to your new address for a year. You can do this in advance and specify the day you move in so that the switch is seamless.

2. Utility Companies

It is hard to get settled into your new home if you have forgotten to update your utility services and don’t have any water, power, internet, or gas. Notify your utility companies when you will be moving well in advance so that you can take care of any setup fees and they can perform the necessary installation.

3. Insurance Companies

Let your insurance companies know where you are moving. You will have to set up new homeowners insurance when you purchase your home, but if you have other companies handling your health, car, life, and other insurance, update your address with them so they know where to send bills and important information.

4. Your Employer

Even if you have direct deposit for your paycheck, it is a good idea to notify your employer of your new address. Otherwise, your tax forms may get sent to the wrong place.

5. Notify Your Banks When You Move

You might be able to change your address for your banks and credit cards online for convenience. But it is important that you do so one way or another because banks often use your address as a security check.

6. Loan Providers

If you aren’t getting mail from the institutions you owe money to, you could forget to pay them and rack up fines or get sent to collections.

7. Social Security

Let Social Security know your address change. This is especially important if you are receiving any benefits from them.

8. IRS and State Tax Office

You can avoid a hassle at tax time if you remember to include tax agencies in the list of who to notify when you move.

9. Who to Notify When You Move: Don’t Forget Friends and Family

Thanks to email, this is an easy one. Just create a mass email telling your friends and family your new address and BCC everyone’s email on it so that you aren’t sharing everyone’s email address with people they may not know.

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