11 Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

tools every homeowner should have

Maintaining a home includes performing repairs and making updates to your property. With the proper equipment, you won’t need to call a professional for minor tasks. Stock your toolbox with these tools every homeowner should have to be prepared for basic repairs and home improvement projects.

1. Screwdrivers

Homeowners will need a few sizes of both Phillips and flat head screwdrivers. Some basic tasks that call for a screwdriver include tightening drawer pulls, installing an outlet cover, and removing switchplates. Screwdrivers are also useful for opening paint cans and battery compartments.

2. A Hammer is One of the Most Important Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Among the tools every homeowner should have, a claw hammer is the most basic. A 16-ounce hammer is suitable for most home projects. Use a smooth-faced hammer to avoid leaving a pattern on the finished surface. A hammer with a solid handle will last longer than one with a hollow handle.

3. Cordless Drill

The convenience of a cordless drill makes home improvement easy. To get the most from a cordless drill, purchase a compatible set of assorted drill bits.

4. Purchase a Quality Tape Measure to Include With Your Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

As a homeowner, you will need to measure to replace an appliance or piece of furniture, position artwork, or install blinds. A sturdy, lockable tape measure is essential for accurate measurement. A 25-foot measure will be adequate for most projects around the house.

5. Pliers are Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

For jobs that require more grip, pliers are tools every homeowner should have. Needle-nose pliers enable homeowners to access small spaces. Slip-joint pliers are another multi-purpose essential for your collection.

6. Purchase a Quality Set of Wrenches

For home repair and car maintenance projects, an assortment of wrenches will come in handy. An adjustable crescent wrench allows homeowners to work with nuts and bolts in various sizes.

7. Include a Level in Your Homeowner’s Toolbox

As the name implies, a level helps you see if surfaces are straight. Levels have many uses, however, hanging framed pictures or shelves may be the most common use for homeowners. While laser levels are available, an affordable bubble level works fine for most home projects.

8. A List of Tools Every Homeowner Should Have Includes Utility Knives

It’s safer to open sealed boxes with a utility knife or box cutter than with scissors or kitchen knives. Add utility knives to the list of tools every homeowner should have. They come in handy for precision cutting, scoring, and even opening paint-sealed windows.

9. Allen Wrench Set

Allen wrenches are also known as hex keys or Allen keys. Allen wrenches allow homeowners to manipulate nuts and bolts with hexagonal heads. Allen keys are often used for assembling and adjusting furniture for your home.

10. A Quality Plunger is a Useful Tool

Plungers can save homeowners money because they often prevent calls to a professional plumber. When dealing with a slow or clogged drain, using a plunger will be your first course of action. Cup plungers are designed for sink drains while flange plungers are for toilets.

11. Drain Snake

A drain snake should be included in the set of tools every homeowner should have. In the event that a plunger doesn’t clear the drain, a drain snake often will. Drain snakes are fed into the drain to pull out the clog or break it up to be flushed away.

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