5 Tips for Fire Pit Safety

Fire Pit Safety

Fire pits are fun to have in your yard. During the summer, you can gather around and roast s’mores with your friends and family. In the colder months, you can use them to warm up outdoor events. Unfortunately, a fire pit can pose some dangers. To keep yourself, your family, and your friends safe, here are five tips for fire pit safety.

Pay Close Attention to Your Fire Pit Location

Do not place the fire pit near your home, additional structures, or any landscaping. Most experts recommend clearing a distance of 10-20 feet around the fire pit. The fire pit should not go under a deck. There should not be any brush underneath the pit. Lay gravel or concrete to create a surface for your fire pit.

Invest in a Fire Screen for Fire Pit Safety

An open fire pit allows for embers to travel out, which may ignite dry material around it. Install a screen for fire pit safety, as the screen will help contain burning materials. You also don’t want people reaching into the fire or, worse, falling in. A screen will reduce the chance of these injuries.

Purchase a Fire Extinguisher for Fire Pit Safety

While you have a fire going, make sure to also have a fire extinguisher nearby. You may have an extinguisher somewhere safe in the house. One should also be within easy reach of the fire pit should you need to jump into action and put out a fire.

Put Out Your Fire When You’re Done

Don’t ever assume that the fire will safely burn itself out and leave it smoldering. The fire should be completely extinguished to prevent a fire from spreading. Use a shovel to spread out embers and pour water over the entire area to put the fire completely out.

Skip a Fire When It’s Windy

It’s not a good time to have a fire in your fire pit if it’s windy outside. A strong breeze can blow an ember into flammable materials and start a fire outside of the pit. To follow proper fire pit safety protocol, check the weather first.

It’s always a good idea to check with your local law enforcement to see if there is a burn ban in effect. Many locations in the U.S. prevent fires of any kind during dry seasons. If you have a fire, practice fire safety by using the proper material for a fire. Stick to dry wood, and don’t burn accelerants, garden clippings, or garbage.

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