Update Your Home with Paint: A DIY Guide

update your home with paint

Transforming your home doesn’t require an endless budget or professional contractors. With a few cans of paint and some creativity, homeowners can breathe new life into their living spaces. From subdued neutrals to dramatic shades to earthy tones that ground and center, paint is the low-cost, high-impact solution to refresh and renew. Here are a few ideas to update your home with paint.

The key to success in DIY painting lies in preparation. Before starting, clean and prime the surfaces. Cover flooring and furniture to protect against splatters, and when in doubt, reach out to a professional for guidance.

Using Paint to Update Your Home

Painting the Trim for a Subtle Upgrade

One of the easiest ways to update a room is by painting the trim. Whether your home has crisp white borders or rich, dark wood tones, changing the trim color defines the living space with colorful lines or soft hues. Use a small brush on these finer details, and paint with precision and patience.

Designing an Accent Wall

To create an accent wall, select a wall that naturally draws the eye, perhaps featuring your favorite artwork or where the afternoon sun hits the living room. Vibrant shades command attention, while muted tones create a calm atmosphere in your space. Use painter’s tape to ensure clean lines and shield adjoining walls from paint splatters.

Give Life to Interior Doors

Interior doors are an underestimated canvas. Add personality to your interior spaces by painting them with a semi-gloss or high-gloss finish in a color you enjoy.

Update Your Home with Paint: Revamping the Bathroom Vanity

Revive your bathroom cabinet with a bold shade that contrasts with the wall color for a bold, or choose a harmonious, complementary color. Before painting, remove the cabinet hardware and doors for an even, professional finish.

Reimagining Fireplace Brick

A fireplace offers warmth and comfort in the winter, but brickwork can look boring and drab over time. A fresh coat of paint will update the fireplace, aligning its aesthetic with your tastes. Choose a paint that can withstand high temperatures and a primer designed for brick surfaces. If you’re uncertain about the best paint for the job, talk to a professional at your local home improvement store.

Redefine and rejuvenate your home by updating your living spaces with paint. These projects will improve your home and offer you a sense of accomplishment as a homeowner.

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